Consistency and Who I Have to Win The Open

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Why is there not another consistent PGA player? I feel like since prime Tiger Woods there has not been another consistently great golfer. By no means am I saying that it is easy to win a Major or even just a regular open/championship, but you would think that people like Rory McIlroy or Jordan Speith would be able to win more Majors much more consistantly than they do. I remember a time Speith seemed unstoppable just a few years ago and now obviously he is a great golfer, but he just can't seem to win when it counts. Now I also dabble with golf a little bit and I can easily see why it is hard to play consistently, especially over a four day period, but does that just show you how good the greats really were? I mean some of the all time greats were genuinely just astonishing when you realize how difficult it is to win the big Majors or just tournaments in general.

Now as many of you may know by now, The Open is this weekend and I just want to give you a little taste of who I will be taking to win and maybe give you a dream pick or two as well. Realistically just going off of who is hot I would suggest taking Rory McIlroy obviously because he won last weekend and you generally can get hot and stay hot for a while. If you want to open the field a little bit and take more than just one golfer I am also thinking going Cameron Smith and Viktor Hovland are good bets as well. These two are some of the more consistent golfers out there right now and I bet they will be playing for that 1 spot all weekend long and might even take it home. Not to mention they are both on a tiny bit of a hot streak right now. Now for my dream winners I want either Rickie Fowler (who has also been suprisingly hot but lacks the consistency to win the open in my opinon) and Jordan Speith. I do not know why I am taking Speith but I just got a gut feeling about that AND WE STICK TO GUT FEELINGS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. If we picking just based on names give me Rasmus Højgaard, thats an all time name I would not even know how to pronounce.

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