I am so Ready for More Hockey

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Listen up everybody, if you are looking for someone who knows the game of hockey like its the back of his hand you have come to the wrong place. But, I WENT TO 5 BLACKHAWKS GAMES LAST SEASON AND I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE READY TO START WATCHING IT AGAIN. I mean what a badass sport. What other sport lets the players literally fight. THE REFS BACK UP FOR A FEW SECONDS AND WAIT UNTIL CONTACT TO BREAK IT UP. I mean how badass is that. On top of that my team has one of the most sought after prospects in recent history? Oh yall better believe I am going to watch the hell out of the NHL next season. I can promise yall, by the time next season starts I will be an all knowing monster of the NHL (no I won't).

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