The Blackhawks Are So Back

By Dougiefreshtakes
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I still am an absolute novice when it comes to the NHL and I could tell you confidently that I do not think I could name more than three players on the Chicago Blackhawks, but oh boy are they back. Last night was the first time in my entire life that I had just sat down and watched an entire NHL game and what a rush. I am sure that this was more so just luck that got me to watch this game and an amazing comeback against a team that is one of the favorites to win the Stanley Cup, but this has me feeling good for this upcoming season. Credit to my girlfriend for making me appreciate hockey and the Blackhawks, because before I just despised it due to all of the bandwagon fans that “loved hockey” after their team wins a Stanley Cup. This was a great win for the Blackhawks last night and I am looking forward to the rest of the season.

I know that was Connor Bedard’s first regular season game and everything, but is it bad to say I expected a little bit more? I mean the kid was this other worldly recruit and I sat there the whole time just waiting for him to do something. I will say his control of the puck and just feel for the game were both very impressive. Even some of the passes the kid was making had me like “woah”, but I think he just needs a little bit more time on the rink. Right now, the kid just seems nervous or too little to be out there. These guys were almost just bullying the kid out there as their welcome to the NHL moment, which was expected but I did not expect him to get rag dolled. There were points during the game where the kid just fell for no reason and had me asking how we was on the ground so often. He also just looked slow out there. Almost like he was not really into the game. Like I said I am a novice to this sport, but those are just some of my takeaways from this new kid. He just needs to loosen up out there and forget about all the expectations that we had for him coming into the league.

The Penguins looked good early during this game too. I mean you got Crosby going early and the team just looked like they were clicking nicely which is what you would expect from them, but then disaster struck. I mean they literally could not get anything going offensively and had a defensive breakdown as well. The Blackhawks goalie did have a few good saves, but I mean you have to get more shots up on the net than that in the last 2 periods. It seemed like just flat-out sloppy hockey and as a team with such high hopes and experience, you cannot allow that kind of a breakdown against such a young hockey team. I mean the average age of the Penguins is over 30-years-old. You can’t let a group of 20-year-olds beat you in hockey, you are supposed to be so much better than that. All I have to say is, the Blackhawks are back and there is no looking back.

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