What Is Wrong With Joe Burrow?

By Dougiefreshtakes
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An all-time catastrophe happened for the city of Cincinnati this weekend. I mean what is going on with the Bengals? I mean historically Joe Burrow has not been good week 1 but I don’t think you can excuse a performance where he does not even get 100 yards passing. I mean I get it; you don’t play at all in the preseason, you’re coming off an injury, and you got to get yourself back into the motions of the football season. However, I feel like that should not excuse such a terrible performance. The kid is a fantastic QB, I would say top 2 and maybe not 2 but is there something Bengals fans should be concerned about?

This is one of the best offenses that the NFL has ever seen. You basically have two WR1 with Chase and Higgins, but on top of that you have arguably the best WR2 who is WR3 in Boyd. You have a great O-Line, a pretty good offensive coordinator. I just do not see how this loss or even performance is excusable. I mean was something wrong with Burrow? Maybe he is injured, or maybe he got his skills stolen from him during the game from the monstars and Tom Brady must go defeat them in a football game with the Looney Tunes. We just do not have the answers right now, and I feel like the more likely explanation is the Space Jam but instead of Basketball its Football.

I mean it is not even like Watson outplayed him by miles or anything. He literally had a below average QB game against a much weaker defense. The Browns did not show me anything that warranted a parade because they beat the Bengals. Burrow just has a weakness against the Browns just like Josh Allen sucks against almost any team he plays against. It just happens to some quarterbacks, and it should be expected from time to time. All this being said, I do not think there is any real reason for Bengals fans to panic, I guarantee he has a big-time bounce back week on Sunday and they beat the Ravens.

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