Not Only Do The Bears Suck, But So Does Justin Fields

By Dougiefreshtakes
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YOU BEARS FANS ARE HILARIOUSLY DELUSIONAL. Last time I told you how terrible of an organization this franchise is, and you did not believe me. I told you Justin Fields is not a good QB. None of y’all believed me. I said y’all were getting the first pick again and maybe winning 5 games this year. This was the most overhyped team I have ever seen in my entire life and there was no reasoning behind it. Suddenly the narrative of being an 11-win team this season has already changed to winning 7. I mean how on planet earth did you think the team was going to be any good? Bad coaching, bad management, bad pickups in free agency, bad QB, one good receiver and it is not even DJ Moore. I am sad to tell you that nothing is going to change for the Bears anytime soon until they admit Fields is a bust and stop looking for a game manager QB. If you want that then draft one.

The Bears were supposed to be an NFC juggernaut in the fans’ eyes. They said the lions just got lucky last year, the packers are no good because Rodgers is gone, and the Vikings are washed (you guys got this one right). They talked shit the entire offseason and somehow managed to convince everyone on the planet Fields is a top 10 QB in the NFL which is beyond impressive if you just look at his numbers. I am so happy they got smoked by the Packers in week 1. This should be a very humbling experience for you and a wake-up call that this team is just not good.

The Packers game was just an absolutely pathetic display of football for the Bears too. I mean it is not a good sign when Getsy just straight up does not trust Fields to throw a deep or even medium pass. Like he threw 4 passes over 10 yards, sure one was a TD to a wide-open player, but one was also a TD pass to the other team. So like you can say that HE WAS 2/2 WITH A TD ON PASSES OVER 20 YARDS, but come back to reality when he threw a pick 6 from 16 yards out. His check downs weren’t even good passes either. Then the defense had like no pressure on Jordan Love, who outplayed Fields by MILES. Like I do not even know how I would improve this team because they are just horrible at all spots.

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