Stop Acting Like the Buffalo Bills are Good

By Dougiefreshtakes
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I am so sick of acting like the Buffalo Bills are the team to beat. THEY ARE NOT AND THEY NEVER HAVE BEEN. Josh Allen is not even a top 10 QB and do not even get me started on that right now. I promise I will make a seperate blog just to put some slander on Josh Allen cause he is the most overrated QB of all time. But for just the Bills in general, can we just stop? I do not see why betting sites always put the odds so low to win the Super Bowl. I mean cmon man THEY CANT EVEN BEAT THE BENGALS AND BARELY BEAT A QBLESS DOLPHINS TEAM IN THE PLAYOFFS AT HOME. Patrick Mahomes was literally hoping they would get the Bills in the playoffs just because he knew they were an easier team to beat than the Bengals. I would say looking at the division they are in right now, they are either the 3rd or 4th seed. They have no chance of winning the division or getting second, NO CHANCE, ZERO. "Oh but dougiefreshtakes they have improved so much on defense and actually have a run game now" DOES NOT MATTER, EVEN IF THAT WAS TRUE THEY WOULD NOT MAKE IT OUT THE FIRST ROUND. Look, am I a Buffalo Bills hater? Absolutely I am. Does that make this blog biased against them and not factual whatsoever? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Save this right now and come back to it in January and let me know if they are still playing football.

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