The Browns And Steelers Are Mediocre But This Game Was Awesome

By Dougiefreshtakes
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I think that was one of the worst offensive but most fun games I had ever seen in my entire life. I mean the Browns and Deshaun Watson are literally horrible. I guess you can say that yesterday wasn’t exactly a happy ending for Watson against a divisional rival. Jokes aside, the Browns defense looks alright? I mean you can’t judge how good they looked over the past two games because against the Bengals that was more of a bad Burrow game, and this week was more of a Kenny Pickett sucks game. The Browns offense is actually going to be a HUGE problem now. I mean at least before you had Nick Chubb, but now that his knee was basically ripped off his leg, I do not see how the Browns are going to be competitive at all this season. I mean best wishes out to Nick Chubb because that was genuinely a terrible injury and you hate to see it, that was just the nail in the coffin for this team. Pre sexual assault Deshaun Watson could have 100% carried this team, but post-trial Deshaun I just do not think he has it in him.

To talk a little bit about the Steelers, I think they are facing similar problems as the Browns, just with a QB that hasn’t committed crimes. I mean I was sort of buying into the Kenny Pickett hype prior to the season and I never really knew why, and I have to say buying into the garbage was a mistake. Every QB has flashes of being good and even yesterday the kid had some flashes, but overall, he just is not the answer for this team. I think that the Steelers are always one of those teams that you know they are probably going to win some games, but they are never actual contenders. The Steelers fans are living in NFL purgatory. I feel bad for the fan base. Especially when you have a generational talent like TJ Watt on the defensive end and you basically have to rely on him to score more TD’s than Dionte Johnson throughout the year for your team to win. I mean the Steelers defense is also one of the best defenses some weeks and then other weeks they are just meh. I do not know what to say about this team besides they are mediocre, and I do not think that they have the guy at QB.

Bottom line this game was awesome between two below average teams. I mean there were just some absolute BRUTAL hits taking place and I guarantee this Steelers defense has the second game circled on their schedule just to go after Watson. I mean the facemasks that Watson was giving these people were just completely unnecessary and makes everyone in the world hate Watson. I mean he is just so unlikeable, and I am just excited to see teams just go after him this season.

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