Mac Jones And The Patriots Are Beyond Mediocre

By Dougiefreshtakes
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I think this is my first time talking about the Patriots all year and I think this might be overdue. I just do not know what to think about this team. I think everyone saying Belichick is a fraud is just stone cold stupid, the dude is the best coach of all time. How could anyone just try and restart a franchise after losing the best QB to ever play the game? I mean they have been winning 7+ games a year with Cam Newton and Mac Jones as their starting QBs, I do not want to hear it. Mac Jones is not a bad QB either, I just don’t think he has the right mentality. At some points the kid makes throws where you question how he isn’t talked about as one of the elite players in the league, but then he also walks around nut tapping people or tripping people every game while also throwing some terrible balls and it all makes sense. He needs to lock in and really get out of his own way. This isn’t Alabama anymore, there are another 15 guys better than you, then another 45 guys who want your spot. Weapons aren’t the excuse, the line shouldn’t be an excuse, and the defense is definitely not an excuse for why you aren’t winning games. He is standing in his own way in my opinion.

The Patriots overall are a playoff team at best, not contenders, not good enough to win their division, but they are good enough to not lose to bad teams and maybe play close games against divisional games. The Patriots fell victim to mediocrity. They are in NFL purgatory. Not good enough to win a super bowl, but not bad enough to get a good draft pick. They are in the same situation as the Steelers but with a much better QB. I think that you either need to try and make a splash with a trade for a good QB, or just sell the house. Get rid of everything. I mean you can’t allow yourself to get that embarrassed by the Cowboys, that was a brutal watch on Sunday. It was a blowout in every sense of the word. I have always liked Brady and the Patriots, so I want to see them win, I just do not know if it is possible with the current state that they are in. Mac Jones is the person it starts with.

Is Mac Jones capable of leading a team like the Patriots? I think he is, but his cocky attitude is not a good start for him. I hate it when you think you are better than everyone else for no reason. If you think that and truly believe it, prove it to us. He has not done nearly enough to have an attitude like that in the NFL. I feel like these new QBs think that their accomplishments carry over in the NFL and that just simply is not the case. Yeah, Mac Jones had a great team in college and played great, but that does not automatically mean you are going to be a great QB in the NFL and ball out like you did in college. You are facing real defenses every night now, best players off the best teams every single night. They need to drop the façade and be humble your first few years. You not Mahomes, you not Burrow, you not Herbert. They proved they are elite QBs, Mac Jones has not.

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