Justin Herbert is Worth Every Penny of His Contract and you Can't Change my Mind

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Justin Herbert is an absolute animal. I do not care what anyone says. The man has a rocket of an arm and pinpoint accuracy. I have never seen someone throw an absolute dime 50 yards down the field like this man can. Does he have great weapons? Absolutely, but that is a pretty essential part of being a great QB. You need players who are going to be able to track down a 60-yard LASER and let it hit you right in the breadbasket. I really want to know who calls this man a scrub, like I genuinely do not understand that. I was even a non-believer out of college, I thought there was no such thing as an Oregon QB success story. Sure, enough in walks Justin Herbert. Is paying him $262M a lot of money? Absolutely, but that’s just how the contracts run in the NFL now, you are not going to get that man for any cheaper.

I know everyone’s main complaint about Herbert is his inability to win big games. Last season he got knocked out of the playoffs after having a massive lead and everyone just shoves the blame on him. Let’s just try not to forget how good the Chargers defense was in the first half of that game compared to how poorly they played in the second half. These are team sports, did Herbert have his best game ever? Absolutely not, but you must give the man some slack in his first playoff appearance. He never had lights that bright like Trevor Lawrence. You can argue he even had a better game than Lawrence from a stat perspective.

I also feel like not enough people talk about what he does with a very below average offensive line. The kid is carrying his team to winning seasons when he gets to play and is showing out. And his availability to play is also another thing people don’t consider. He has played through injury and health problems multiple times, and he is only 25. That’s a kid who just wants to win. I literally cannot say enough good things about this guy, and I am not even a Chargers fan, I am just a jealous fan cause I do not have him on my team. Give the kid time and a slightly better offensive line and I guarantee you see why he got the biggest contract in NFL history.

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