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By Dougiefreshtakes
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Don’t get me wrong, Justin Fields seems like a decent person off the field. However, on the field, the dude is a scrub. I genuinely think the Bears drafted this man in the wrong position. All I have seen from this man based on the highlights shown by Bears fans all year long are running plays. I mean it is astonishing how a fan base can get behind a QB that is going to be figured out so easily this year. The kid can not throw the ball well at all for me to think he is going to be good. I do not want to see any highlights of the 4 or 5 passes he threw that were on the money, I can do that too in the NFL if I was given a line. Do not give the excuse for his offensive line sucking either, because that is simply not true. They gave the kid plenty of time to throw a good ball and he just hesitates too much, doesn’t make a decision and either runs or gets sacked. I feel bad for the O-Line cause all Bears fans say they are horrible when in reality, they are probably in the top half of O-Lines in the league.

I will give credit where credit is due, however, the new Bears team is looking for a lot more intimidating than they were last year. I just still do not see them going anywhere and maybe still being last place in the league. I know the receivers were not ideal last year, but he still had two guys who everyone knows can catch the ball and he just could not get it to them most of the time. Don’t even get me started on their play calling last year either. Is Justin Fields being setup to fail? No, he is not. Nagy did not try and see him fail and neither did Eberflus. I am just telling you guys this kid just is not the guy. The Bears have always been on the search for “the guy” and I am here to tell you that Justin Fields is still not him.

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