Someone Pay This Joe Burrow Kid Already

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Joe Burrow, the absolute UNIT of a QB since draft night has gone down with a calf injury. No one knows what the injury is or how serious of an injury it is, but he did need to get carted off the field after he got hurt. There have been a whole bunch of injuries within these past two days to big name players. First Garrett Wilson with an ankle tweak, then Jalen Ramsey with a knee injury that might need surgery, and now Joey B. I think the heat wave probably has something to do with it and could contribute to a lot of the strains if the players are not staying hydrated. So maybe that could be what happened to Burrow, and we all just hope it is nothing more serious than that.

Are people starting to worry about whether Joe Burrow can stay healthy? I mean he got hurt just by rolling out of the pocket this time. I do not want to sound like the bad guy for asking this question, but I feel like it needs to be asked. He is a stud QB and if he is on the field, I feel like that team could beat any other team. That should be enough of a reason to make him the highest paid QB ever, but the injuries could make it not worth it. I mean would you really want to give a guy who could potentially miss games throughout the season 50 million a year? It’s hard to say. I am team pay Burrow, especially since we do not know how bad the injury is and he has been playing lights out since tearing his ACL. The man should get paid and he should be making more than any other player in NFL history, no question.

He took a team with no offensive line to the AFC championship in back-to-back years and went to the Super Bowl in one of those years. Yeah, he lost to the Rams, but we knew that was a super team from the beginning of that year. Joe Burrow is obviously a future MVP, and we need to start putting more respect on his name. Enough of the “he is not better than the Josh Allen” disrespect, because he is obviously better than that man. I think he is also on par with Patrick Mahomes and is at that level of skill. The only reason we talk about Mahomes more is because he is on all the different media outlets every single day over Burrow. We need to start talking about the two QBs like they are on the same level from now on. It is honestly disrespectful to say that Burrow is not in the top 3 because he is obviously in the top 2.

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