I Think the Jets are Going to be Really REALLY Good

By Dougiefreshtakes
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The New York Jets really have all the pieces they need to be a great team next season. I mean the only lack of position they have is really going to be their offensive line and Aaron Rodgers has had a similar situation to that his entire NFL career. Now some years I will admit Rodgers had a line that was just PACKED with studs, but seasons like the past 2 he really had nothing going for him with all the injuries. Not to mention Rodgers finally has good weapons at WR and TE, he has a good and improving HB, and a defense that sets the team apart from the league. Not only do they have all of that, but a majority of them are very young as well. This does mean that their lack of experience can hold them back, but I highly doubt it does. The team almost made the playoffs without a QB last year and this year they added a top 5 QB to their roster? How does that not spell out AFC conference champs to you?

To be fair, you are not exactly sure which Aaron Rodgers you are getting. Based on last season alone one could say that he has fallen off or can’t compete at a high level anymore. I for one do not think that is the case at all. Last season the Packers had to deal with a lot of adversity, losing close games, losing their best receiver that knew how to run routes, and having two new rookie receivers. That alone played a big part in how poorly they did in the first half of the season. I mean you can’t have a QB like Aaron Rodgers and have guys running the wrong routes every other play, this man is going to put the ball exactly where it needs to be every single down if he can. Now that he has receivers that are quick and good enough to run a route, I do not think the Jets are going to have any problems like the Packers did down the stretch.

If we even look at the division that the Jets are in, it has seen better days. The Patriots are having a slow, but due fall off. The Bills are the most overhyped team in history, especially over the past few years. I have the browns as the 3rd seed in the AFC East. The Dolphins are a great team, do not get me wrong about that. I think this team is their biggest competition next season. You got a young coach who is showing out to be a great play caller, one of the best defensive coordinators in recent years in Vic Fangio, and then on top of that you have so many weapons on both offense and defense that it is hard to say they won’t win the division. However, they have a QB that cannot stay healthy, and I think that is going to be their real downfall. I think that the Jets have a cakewalk to 1st place in the AFC East if we are being realistic here.

All I am saying is that the Jets in my mind have an opportunity to make a deep playoff run and potentially take home a super bowl within these next two years.

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