I Think I Figured Out What Is Wrong With Joe Burrow

By Dougiefreshtakes
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The Cincinnati Bengals are obviously one of the best teams in the league and it pains me to see a team that is good struggling this bad. The weapons they have at offense, the QB they have is amazing when he actually starts getting into the swing of things. I mean the first half was absolutely atrocious for the Bengals and that offense. I know that they also lost a bunch of pretty good defenders in the offseason, but you can’t let that be the reason for this slow start from them. I think I did figure out why the Bengals are off to a slow start.

The Bengals offense has not looked the same at all this season and I was watching some of the game on Sunday and I think I realized that the reason the Bengals offense looks terrible right now is because of how much the play calling has changed from last year. They are starting a QB who may not be at 100% right now and they are letting that dictate how they run the offense. Smart? Absolutely. Is it going to help your team win these close games? Absolutely not. There haven’t been many long balls to Chase, Higgins, or Boyd at all yet. They are playing so much more conservatively, and it is understandable, you do not want your QB that you just paid an outrageous amount of guaranteed money to get hurt. You literally cannot let that happen or your season is over, and your money is down the drain. Is it time to panic? I don’t think so, the Bengals record with Joe Burrow in weeks 1 and 2 is 1-7. So, Burrow is notorious for slow starts because he just always gets hurt in the offseason somehow. I think they will end up in the same position they were in last year.

Now the Ravens are a good team, but they also have some question marks. I never have been a fan of the running quarterbacks, but they by far have the best one with Lamar Jackson. However, I just think the team is mediocre. I mean they have a fantastic defense per usual, but in the AFC, you need to have a fantastic defense and a fantastic offense, and I am just not sold on them having both. The weapons they have on the offensive end have definitely been improving but I just need to see how much they have improved. I also need to see Lamar stay healthy and win some playoff games. He has only one playoff win, and I just need to see more. Obviously, in order for them to go deep into the playoffs that would need to happen, but I just do not think it has or will. I just feel like and basically have always felt like the Ravens are one of those playoff games you want just because all you need to do is play man defense and blitz Lamar every game and boom you’ve got him figured out.

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