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Listen, Dak Prescott can tell us all he wants, that he is not going to throw more than 10 interceptions this season, but that is as realistic as me saying I am going to lose 10 pounds by tomorrow morning, it is not happening. I like the initiative that Dak is showing though, finally has a goal set in his head and he is going to go for it. As a Dak fan I can appreciate that. I feel like he can even come close to achieving that he is a top 10 QB in the NFL. I think he also has everything you need to be able to do that. A good WR core, a decent offensive line, and good play calling. What more can you want as a Cowboys fan? I mean this might be a good year for you guys.

Do not question me on Dak being top 10 if this happens. He is EASILY the best QB in the NFC East, better than Josh Allen, and better than Trevor Lawrence. I think I would put him somewhere behind Rodgers or Herbert on my list. The NFC East might have some of the worst QB’s in the NFL right now besides Prescott. Do not get me started on Hurts, any competent QB in the NFL would look like him if they got to play with that team surrounding him. Dak would be Tom Brady if he had a team like the Eagles and that offensive line. Literally the man’s only downfall is not having a sense of ball security and it is the one thing that he really needs to fix. So obviously I am going to think he is one of the best if he fixes that.

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