The Eagles Are Frauds And I'll Be The First To Admit It

By Dougiefreshtakes
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The Philadelphia Eagles are a fraudulent team. I am going to tell you people this because no one else has the balls to do so. I mean if we look at their first four games it tells you all you would need to know. Jalen Hurts has been inconsistent, they have played four close games against four mediocre or bad teams, and the defense just has not been as good as it was last season. I mean they only beat the Vikings by 6 points and look at how poorly that team has been this season. I understand that as an Eagles fan you can’t apologize for being 4-0, but to be hyped over being 4-0 when the games are not that impressive should be worrisome. They are a team a lot of people got over the hump in the offseason, whereas I think that the Eagles actually regressed quite a bit and I think that they are maybe the fourth or fifth best team in the NFC. Might not be a top 10 team in the entire league.

I am going to get flack for saying this, but I truly believe that Jalen Hurts is just benefiting from the situation he was in. I mean you could put any QB on that team and they would look just as good as Jalen Hurts if not better. I mean if they had a real top 10 QB I guarantee they win that Super Bowl last year. I mean it was so bad that the Eagles genuinely blamed the grass for that loss. Imagine making it to the biggest game of the season and blaming the playing surface like both teams don’t play on it. Jalen Hurts has explosive plays but other than that he just isn’t that great in general. I mean they do not have as good play calling this year and I think that in the NFC you have to be such a next level team like the 49ers or the Cowboys or even the Lions, but I just do not think that the Eagles are on that level anymore.

The defense now seems to be a pretty big problem and I would not have thought that was going to be the problem this season, but it makes total sense. I did not realize how good of a coach Jonathan Gannon is. I mean the dude clearly was the reason the Eagles got where they were last year and is now the reason the worst roster in the NFL is playing competitive against some good teams. I mean They literally beat the Cowboys, and no one would have ever expected that. I think the Eagles biggest lose of last season was losing Jonathan Gannon. To lose your best coach is just a tough loss. Now you are stuck with Nick Sirianni who is just a terrible coach. I really do not care what people say either, I would look like a great coach with that roster too, you do not need to coach when that is the case. Hopefully I helped raise awareness for the Eagles being total frauds this season, but if not, I hope you become aware of that soon.

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