I Was So Right About Daniel Jones

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Daniel Jones is an all-time terrible QB. Listen, I understand that he has a non-existent offensive line that literally just let the defenders sack him 10 times last game, but I feel like that is only a part of why he is terrible. I feel like his passing ability is just not there as well. He basically just throws the ball at the ground every play and does not give his receivers an opportunity to catch the ball and run. You also must have some sort of pocket presence, you can’t just keep taking all these hits and dying, if you feel pressure GET THE HELL OUTTA THERE DANIEL! He just stands in the pocket and takes the hits, like c’mon man you got that contract solely because of your running ability and you take 10 sacks? Someone please tell me how that makes sense.

I know Brian Daboll is fuming that he has to deal with this kid for the next four years. I mean I would not wish that on my worst enemy. Daniel Jones is just a special kind of stupid. I have never seen a man play NFL football and look so confused on the sideline in my life. I mean he throws interceptions and just sits on the sideline looking around the stadium like he does not know where he is and how he got there. All these new terrible QBs making it in the NFL really owe their agents so much more money than they are paying them. I mean whoever Daniel Jones hired as his agent deserves at least half that contract. How were you able to sign for 30 mil a year when everyone thinks you are terrible except for one season where you have the easiest schedule I have ever seen? Now look at them, haven’t scored a touchdown in the first half of a game and we are four games into the season. That is truly wild to me. The kid was seeing ghosts out their last game. Daniel Jones has singlehandedly convinced people that the Cardinals were a decent team, the seahawks have the best defense in the league, and that the cowboys were invincible. I do not know how he has made it this far in the NFL after playing this terribly.

You can’t even use play calling as an excuse for Jones just because the plays are never really the problem, it’s just he is that bad. If you watch these games, it is usually just Saquon carrying the Giants every game and they refused to pay him this year. I think he should just leave next year as a big F U to the giants. Jones’ numbers when Barkley is playing compared to when he is not crazy. He is so much better just because you have a guy so dynamic catching and running the ball. I am 100% positive that if the Giants needed someone to play just as good as Daniel Jones for 1/30th of the price, I would be open to it. All I have to do is hand it off to Saquon and throw checkdowns to make that next contract? Sign me up. It is no coincidence that Jones worst season of his career was Barkley’s torn ACL year. Just saying.

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