Week 1 Blunder For The Giants And Why Did They Pay Daniel Jones?

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Whoever decided to sign Daniel Jones to that massive contract this offseason is a complete moron. The only reason that the team went anywhere last season was because of Saquon Barkley, their decent O-Line, and their defense. I mean what gave the Giants the idea that it was all because of Daniel Jones? I’ll give him some credit though, the kid can run with the football, but that does not make him a good QB. The new era QB’s are just simply not good. I do not understand the obsession with QB’s that can run the ball. You got a running back, you got athletic receivers, why do you need another guy that can run? Daniel Jones literally got a 30-million-dollar contract just because he ran the ball decently last year and that to me is absolutely absurd.

I think that Sunday night’s game just absolutely confirmed what I was saying as well. I mean he just looked absolutely lost out there. He was seeing ghosts. Did the O-Line help him out? Absolutely not, but at the same time you had to come in with a game plan knowing you have to get the ball out quick, and they absolutely did not execute that well. I mean everything that could have gone wrong for the Giants went wrong. That loss was well deserved. It almost gives you that little Matt Nagy with the Bears feeling too. Very successful first season, you think you got the guy in your QB, your defense overperforms, and you exceed all expectations. Now mind you this was only week 1 and they could bounce back, but I do not think the Giants are that good of a team this year and that is just the facts.

I mean the Cowboys had multiple defensive/special teams’ touchdowns and their offense did look a little bit shaky at times, but that is what you would expect from a rainy game. Everything I said about the Giants and Daniel Jones could not be excused by rain. The Cowboys ran circles around them and would have kept going if there was more time. To put it simply, I think that the Cowboys are legit contenders this year, more so than the Eagles, and I think that the Giants are absolute frauds and last year was a big fluke.

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