The Cowboys Are Monsters and The Jets Are Horrendous

By Dougiefreshtakes
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After the first two weeks of the NFL and watching the Cowboys both weeks I have come to the conclusion that the Cowboys are arguably the best team in the league. I mean they absolutely dogged on a terrible team with the New York Giants and then did it again to the New York Jets, who supposedly have a fantastic defense. I think at this point we must drop the Eagles out of consideration for the top two spots in the NFC because right now it is clearly looking like the Cowboys and the 49ers. Granted the 49ers are a lot more talented than the Cowboys but I think that overall, the Cowboys are just flat out the better team.

Let’s just talk about this week 2 performance by the Cowboys first. I mean the Jets are coming off a HUGE win against the Bills and people thought there still could be a chance they could compete with Wilson, but I think we all realized after watching this game that it won’t happen. Now I won’t even blame this on Zach Wilson because I think it is entirely the Jets offensive lines fault. They are just letting this kid get absolutely destroyed in the back field every single game because they think that if they touch a defender a tiny bit then they did their job on the play. They are arguably the laziest players I have ever seen in my entire life. Now I will defend them a little bit by saying that it is arguably impossible to stop the Cowboys pass rush, but maybe next time at least make it look like you are trying to. The Jets could not get anything going on either end which basically just lead me to believe that they are going to be a great team against bad teams and a terrible team against great teams without Rodgers. I think Jets fans should come to terms with that.

Now to start talking about the Cowboys a little bit, I think that them boys are LEGIT. I mean that defense looks the scariest it has ever looked. The offense looks much better than last year in my personal opinion and there are not any unnecessary turnovers happening yet with Dak or fumbles. I am just all around impressed with the improvements that have been made. I know I am probably looking too deep into this just for week 2 but I think it is safe to say that this team is studs, and I am starting to see what the fans have been saying about the Cowboys and I can see why they think they will finally get what they have been after for the first time in a LONG TIME.

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