The Bears Are Not Back Don't Believe In The Hype Post Win

By Dougiefreshtakes
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I really do not know what to say about the game yesterday. All you have to do to beat the Bears is blitz them every play and Fields won’t know what to do. The kid cracks under pressure every single time and throughout the first half they were not getting any pressure on the QB at all. So yes, did it look like Justin Fields was a semi competent QB? It did, will it continue when they face a team that has a decent defensive scheme against them? Absolutely not. That is the second game in a row the Bears looked like a decent team because the defense was not getting any pressure on Fields. I know the Commanders probably thought their defensive line was good enough to just rush four and get to Fields every down, but that was not the case at all. The Bears just took advantage of that all night.

The Commanders just looked absolutely terrible in the first half of the game. I know they had all Bears fans in the country sweating in that second half though. I mean They really almost pieced together a comeback down 27-3. The Bears are still an absolute dumpster fire of an organization, and I will not apologize for saying Sam Howell was a good QB. The entire second half the dude was just picking apart that Bears secondary, and they should have let him do that in the first half. I mean he still looked like he has a high upside. I mean the Commanders were just making bad mistakes, they weren’t making tackles, bad play calls on defense, and just looked lost that first half. The Bears capitalized on that, and you have to give credit where it is due.

The Bears are still the worst team in the National Football League. Let’s not get this confused. They had one good game. DJ Moore is never going to look that good ever again. The Commanders simply were not getting simple tackles on the guy. Fields benefited from Moore getting like 20+ YAC. He had a few downfield throws that everyone knows he can complete, but those were few and far between during a game. You can’t rely on that. I think the Bears winning this game was a good and bad thing. If Poles has a brain, he will draft Quinn Ewers in this draft since I doubt they still have the first pick at the end of the season. I think Quinn genuinely has the highest upside out of all the QBs in the draft and he brought Texas back to relevancy. I mean the kid is just a stud, I know everyone wants Caleb Williams, but I can see him struggling in the same way that Fields does. Us Bears fans would be stuck in the same cycle we have been in for the past 6 years. We need out, we need Quinn Ewers.

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