Who is Running the Bears Front Office and Who Paid Cole Kmet???

By Dougiefreshtakes
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What is going on in Chicago? I feel like the front office of the Chicago Bears is in absolute scrambles. No other team in this league would have given Cole Kmet anything close to the 4-year 50-million-dollar contract he just signed with the Bears. Of that, 32.8 million is guaranteed. That is literally highway robbery by Cole Kmet. The dude does nothing good and is nothing but an average tight end in the NFL and is getting paid in the top 10 now. I mean how does that even work? Shout out to this man’s agents because they just FLEECED the Chicago Bears.

The Bears have always had a weird obsession with tight ends, so I guess having three different ones this season just makes a lot of sense. I mean they literally just signed Robert Tonyan, so I do not see why they need to give this kid a contract that does not reflect how he plays. He is a tight end who is known for blocking and he really is not that good at it, is the opposite of fast, and can have a ball perfectly thrown to him and it’s a 50/50 chance he catches it. So, someone needs to explain to me why they paid this kid that much.

I think it really does just show the incompetence this front office has, they traded away Roquan Smith because they did not want to pay him but when the off season comes around, they turn around and pay another linebacker close to the same contract. They basically traded away their first pick for DJ Moore and a box of girl scout cookies. I mean you have a QB who has shown nothing but long runs in his first 2 years, yet we trade away the first overall pick? I just do not see the vision that the people running the Chicago Bears do.

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