Bears Fans Not As Delusional?

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Credit to the fans of the Chicago Bears fans for finally admitting the obvious, Justin Fields is not the guy. I saw Bears twitter the other day and let me tell you it is an absolute WAR. Some people are blaming the coaches, some are blaming Fields, some are blaming the owners, and to be honest I think everyone is right. I think that there are so many problems that just can’t be fixed in one day, but the problem is people do not have patience. Are Getsy or Eberflus good coaches? Probably not, but I do not think it is fair to judge either one of them based off the wins and losses record. I mean they are doing what they can with the crumbs they have been given. Getsy with the play calling could be better, but at the end of the day if you do not trust your QB to throw a football you aren’t going to be making those calls.

If you have read most of my articles about the Bears, then by now you already know how I feel about Justin Fields. I mean I have been saying it for so long that the kid is just not going to pan out. I could be an Ohio State QB and be a top 10 pick in the draft as well. No receivers in the NFL get Ohio State open. Fields has had three years to try and prove himself as a QB who can make throws that are like normal passes any QB in the NFL should be able to make and he simply just can’t. I mean I see what everyone is saying and “oh but look at some of the dimes he can throw 50 yards down the field”. Yeah, ok but how often are you actually able to throw those per game? Once? Maybe twice? I just think it is time to start looking at QBs you can realistically get this year in the draft who would change your team (QUINN EWERS).

Lastly, I just think that blaming the owners and management right now is a cheap way to get out of your roster being actually terrible. I do not think that the owners are a problem at all when the GM mainly calls the shots with the team. However, I do think that the GM Ryan Poles is not good at all. I mean the coach he hired was not a smart move, the players he picked up in free agency have proved to do nothing to help the team and we probably should have just kept Roquan Smith, and I think that just what has been going on so far with the team and how everything is going he isn’t the guy for the job. The DJ Moore trade is not panning out whatsoever, besides the pick that the Panthers gave us I just do not think that was a worthwhile trade at all.

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