The New Bad News Bears

By Dougiefreshtakes
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The Chicago Bears are a disaster. I really do not care what you Bears fans have to say but the hype for this team is truly unbelievable. I mean how are they going from three wins last season to winning the division with minimal roster moves on the offensive end. The only moves they made were picking up two old Packers TE’s and a WR1 who we do not even know if Justin Fields is going to be able to throw to just because the kid can’t throw a pass. Go ahead shows me his four passes from last season that everyone makes a highlight reel.

I just do not see the vision right now. Let’s go ahead and sign a 29-year-old edge rusher who has not been a difference maker since his time at Jacksonville. Oh, while we are at it lets also sign a 20-year vet TE even though we already have 2 starting TE’s and we already gave one a ridiculous contract. I understand everyone is buying into the Poles hype, but I am going to hold out until I see the difference in teams. None of the weapons they got for Fields are going to be true difference makers at the end of the day. The kid just does not have that it factor.

While I am on the topic of the Bears and Justin Fields, who in their right minds is betting on him to win the MVP? I mean come on NFL fans, lets get our heads out of our ass and stop just giving Vegas money. This kid seriously has no chance at all to win the MVP and if you think that I am wrong go ahead and seek some medical help. I mean he does not have the talent to give precision passes like other QBs in the league. I understand he can run the ball, but that does not mean that he is going to win MVP. Baltimore has a much better version of Justin Fields, and he is not even that great either, running QBs are very injury prone and never have long careers. I want the best for the kid but let’s just stop buying what the media is feeding us. I want the bears to do well because they are my team, but if we are realistic, we will be lucky to get 7 wins.

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