Who Is Anthony Richardson And Why Is No One Talking About Him Being Drafted This High?

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Why did the Colts waste the 4th overall pick on Anthony Richardson?? I feel like everyone just accepted that pick and it made little to no sense. This should have been a pick that everyone questioned, and no one did at all. Is the kid any good? I mean he shows some promise, but again, he is a HB disguised as a QB. The kid cannot throw the ball and the Colts picked him at four. I mean what in the world were they thinking? I get that they played a close game against the Jaguars, but he got hurt. Then they beat the Texans (2nd worst team in the NFL right in front of the Bears). I just do not understand the thought process that was put into this pick.

I mean they absolutely dodged a bullet by not picking Levis, so yes that was a good pick, but why not draft literally anyone else? I mean their backup Gardner Minshew put up Madden numbers against the Texans and the only numbers that Richardson put up were rushing numbers. I just do not understand where all this hype is coming from behind him. There is not a lot of hype mind you, but enough to make me question how good of an agent and PR team this kid has. I mean they literally made the kid sound like an absolute stud coming out of college when he put up mid numbers at Florida. HE WAS PICKED 4 AND HE WAS MID IN COLLEGE. I NEED HIS AGENT AND PR TEAM.

This isn’t an Anthony Richardson hit piece either, this is just me questioning how in the world this happened. I mean I want to see this kid go off in the pros, from what I have seen it looks like it could happen too. I think if he is surrounded by good coaches and weapons, he has a chance to be good. I doubt he has franchise QB material, but could be a good backup somewhere. However, like I said before Minshew balled out last game and I do not see how you can put Richardson back in over him. I mean he was good on the Jags, played well on the Eagles, and he is still a backup. How does that make any sense? I mean sure he does not have the most powerful arm in the world, but it looks like he could be a good QB in the NFL. As a matter of fact, I think he could be a superstar on the 49ers. Something to think about.

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