The Warriors Might Be The Best Team In The NBA

By Dougiefreshtakes
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The Golden State Warriors have been the team to beat for the past 8 years of our lives and I am not sure if that is going to change anytime soon. Are the moves this team has been making questionable? Absolutely, but sticking with the same core of guys makes sense. I mean adding a guy like Chris Paul makes sense in my opinion. He is going to be a guy that knows his role and can help the locker room rather than hurt it. I guarantee he is going to be a ride or die guy with the core group that the Warriors have, and I think he is just about better than Jordan Poole at everything besides shooting the ball. So, to have an extra guy who sees the floor like no other and is a pretty good defender is a huge plus for a team that is trying to win now. I know this is late news, but I wanted to talk about it since the starting lineup of the first preseason game was released. I think that the lineup makes a lot of sense, but it lacks some defense. Looking at the guys they have is tough to then decide who is going to start and who is going to be benched. I think that benching Draymond was the right answer for right now. Wiggins is young and is a monster of a two-way player. They need boards from Looney, they need shooting from Steph and Klay, and they need someone to give everyone the ball.

This new lineup makes a ton of sense so I would not be worried if I was a Warriors fan. I think Chris Paul is going to average over 12 assists a night. I mean you cannot give Chris Paul this good of a lineup to always be around. I feel like the NBA public is genuinely sleeping on the Warriors right now and I do not get it at all. I mean you are going to have a guy in the MVP convo, Klay who is going to be back to old time Klay with consistency, Wiggins who I already said is a beast, and Looney who gives you 10+ boards a night and guard all the bigs. Draymond is going to be 6MOTY if this is actually how they run the lineup because there is no way a guy like Draymond could come off the bench and not make an immediate impact on the team.

All I have to say is I am excited to see how this team stacks up against the west. I think they are the second-best team in the west if not the best team in the west. I mean they are just a very experienced team who the entire starting lineup knows what it takes to make it to a championship and then possibly even get that first ring for Chris Paul. I mean I do not think a single team in the East is that intimidating unless the Chicago Bulls finally get Lonzo Ball back, but if that doesn't happen, I do not see any problem for the Warriors to get that ring next year and get Steph number 5.

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