Stop the Tom Thibodeau Slander, Lets Slander Evan Fournier Instead

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Listen here, Coach Thibodeau is a fantastic coach. I do not care if Bulls fans are salty about the D-Rose situation, but there are reasons why good players continue to play with that man. You cannot deny that this man can coach your team to be much better than they really are. The man won Coach of the Year back in 2021 because he was able to lug that horrendous Knicks team to the playoffs. Not to mention all the times he has brought teams further in the playoffs than he should have before this. He can just successfully create a culture for a team that turns them into winners and teams need that.

The only real reason I am trying to appreciate Tom Thibodeau right now is because he is catching some heat on social media right now and the reasoning behind it is beyond ridiculous. Evan Fournier (below average role player on many teams) is throwing a fit because he did not get minutes for the knicks this year. By no means is he a scrub, but can I lock him up? Absolutely, he has no bag. I do not think this man understands that just because you are on an NBA team does not mean you should automatically get minutes. Sometimes you must earn playing time and when you average 6 points on 30% shooting you are basically putting yourself on the bench. You can’t help a team win with that. This basically turned into a “lets shit on Evan Fournier blog”, and I do not even care, I just don’t like seeing little guys act big when he would not have changed the outcome of the team’s season. SIT DOWN EVAN FOURNIER.

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