Why are the Lakers Retiring Lebron's Jersey?

By Dougiefreshtakes
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I think we are starting to hype up Lebron James a little bit too much (this has been going on for 15+ years now). Apparently, Jeanie Buss just told the media today that the Lakers are going to be retiring Lebron James’ jersey after he retires. Listen, I understand that the man is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but I just cannot wrap my head around what he has really done for the Lakers organization besides simply just signing with this team. I think that Jeanie Buss is just doing anything she can for the Lakers to stay in the news.

I mean we talk about LeBron’s time on the Lakers like he is single handedly carrying this team to the championship every single year. I know for a fact this man has not even been able to stay healthy for a full season and he won a championship in one of the easiest seasons of the NBA. Imagine trying to make staying at a resort for 5 weeks sound like hell. I mean come on Lebron have some decency. We know you had the penthouse room too, stop lying. I think the most significant thing that Lebron did was trade away the Lakers potential future super team for Anthony Davis and he also cannot stay healthy if his life depended on it.

I just want people and NBA owners to stay more realistic and only retire players jerseys that deserve it for that organization. Should his jersey be retired in Miami? I would say so, won a few MVPs and Championships. How about Cleveland? Absolutely, I mean he was a hometown hero and won a championship for them. So why not retire his there too. But to retire his number in Los Angeles is just dumb. That was by far the worst chapter of his career, and they are still trying to make him sound like a Laker legend even though he is far from it.

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