Lakers are Frauds... Again

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Some of you Lakers fans are the most delusional people on the planet. I will give you some credit though, what you lack you all are some of the most passionate sports fans on the planet. This current Lakers team added basically just Gabe Vincent from last year’s team. Now that is not a bad new addition, but that does not fix any of the problems that this team had. They have a little bit more shooting, but I do not think it is consistent enough, self-pronounced “king” James is getting older, and everyone hates to admit it, but his game is declining. Just because he is putting up big numbers does not mean buddy is not gassing out during the playoffs and simply could not close games. In my opinion, this team needed to make a big move and they didn’t. They are running it back with a team that got swept in the conference finals.

In free agency you can’t just overpay role players like Austin Reaves and tell me you guys did good. No one thought Rui Hachimura was any good until he put on the purple and gold and got the lakers fans to hype him up like Lonnie Walker, another mid-tier role player. Now do not get me wrong, this team is a playoff team for sure but after they make it there, they won’t be going too far after. I get that they made the conference finals this year with the team, but sometimes teams just get hot at the right time. It was a total fluke, and they basically just walked there. They faced a Warriors team that checked out before the season started, a Grizzlies team that was injured beyond belief, and a Nuggets team that literally flooded them.

I am sorry, but if you watched that series and believe that they have a chance in the west next year you are sorely mistaken. I am going to say I do not think this team is good enough to make it past the play in tournament.

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