Ja Morant is Overrated and it is not a Discussion

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Ja Morant is simply one of the most overrated players in the NBA. If I sat here and asked you how he was an elite player, how would you answer? I’ll give him some credit and say that the kid is really a freak of nature athletically, but that is about it. He is very below average at shooting when people guard him, he has alright court vision but far from the best, and he sucks at defending. I am also not going to dive into it too much, but another thing that pisses me off about this man is faking all these different injuries to try and shift the blame off of himself during the playoffs or important games. Like every time I watch him play basketball, I feel like he is on the ground hurt but then starts the next game. But my real question is, what makes everyone think that he is a superstar that could win MVP?

The Memphis Grizzlies on paper should easily be one of the best teams in the NBA, no question about it. But then you look at who you have as your starting point guard and, at least in my mind, you begin to question things. I did the same thing with the Oklahoma City Thunder when they had Russell Westbrook. The team on paper should have always been a title contender if not favorites, and they always seemed to struggle in the playoffs. Why is that? When you have a more selfish point guard like Russell Westbrook or Ja Morant you begin to understand that in the regular season these players are going to look amazing, but in the postseason, they are going to really prevent your team from going anywhere. Some of you may be thinking, what about Steph Curry? He seems like a selfish player and does not pass up too many shots. But with a guy like Curry, he creates space on the floor just by having the ball in his hands. That is not a thing for players like Westbrook and Morant and people do not understand that.

This is what in my mind takes a guy like Ja Morant down some notches. I don’t know if I will ever give this guy his credit because I do not think he has ever earned it. I personally do not have Ja Morant inside my top 10 point guards in the NBA right now and I think more people should agree with me on it. There are better players that understand their role for their team more, which in my opinion, makes you a better player alone. I understand that Ja puts up flashy stats that look good on a post from ESPN, but if you watch his game and how he plays, you will agree it is not how you play winning basketball.

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