I Hate Paul Pierce

By Dougiefreshtakes
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There is no one more annoying and cockier than Boston Celtics self-proclaimed legend Paul Pierce. I understand people want to give this man so much credit for a team he was arguably the second or third best player on. I mean let’s start off by saying the real leader of the 2008 Celtics team was Kevin Garnett, he was BY FAR the best player on that team and there is no question about it. But for Paul Pierce to talk so much about how good he is, does his career even back that up? I mean his father (Lebron James) knocked him out of the playoffs basically every single year, I mean Lebron really owned that man, it was sad. But career wise the dude did not even average 20ppg throughout his career. Yes, he was a 10-time all-star, but Draymond Green is a 4-time all-star so are we really looking at that? AND Draymond is much better than Paul Pierce ever was, I do not care if that sounds like a hot take. Only 4 All-NBA appearances, but that is it, he has not done anything else. Why do people make this man sound like he is a legend? Maybe it’s just Celtics fans but they need to stop too. The only thing the rest of us remember him for is shitting himself on live TV and needing to get carted off the floor because of it.

To keep ranting about this man, he is just the worst analyst out there. He makes outlandish comparisons and claims he is better than players he isn’t even close to the same level as. Even said he knew how to lock up and beat Lebron and I do not know if they even did that one time. The other day he even said Nikola Jokic is not a top 5 passer in the NBA… HUH? WHO IS AHEAD OF HIM ON THE LIST, maybe Lonzo and LaMelo Ball MAYBE. Then the dude gets fired for taking shots and having strippers on IG live. I mean it is like these players and legends do not understand kids look up to you and you are their heroes for some. Like please be some sort of respectful on social media, know your place.

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