Jrue Holiday On The Celtics Changes Nothing

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Jrue Holiday is a great two-way player. No one will deny that, and no one has ever denied that. However, I just do not think this gives the Celtics the edge like everyone thinks it does. The Celtics this offseason really addressed the fact that for whatever reason they needed more scoring, so they picked up Kristaps. Then they felt the need to replace Marcus Smart with a player that is going to provide the same exact thing for the team, except he is not outspoken. They are really banking on the fact that Jayson Tatum is going to step up and be the leader of this team, and I do not see that happening. He is going into his 7th season as a starter, and he has not stepped up one time to try and become a leader. Now the Celtics are filled with soft spoken players basically.

This team does have the opportunity to become an absolute powerhouse on the offensive end, but is that going to be enough to win games? I mean when you look at this roster, you look at 4 players who could drop 20 a night on any given night, but who is going to take the backseat? There isn’t enough time in the game to give each of your starters 30 shots a night. Obviously, Horford gives up shots, Holiday will give up shots, but who out of the last three is going to give up shots? Each of them is obviously talented and has an ego out of this world, and I am sure if you are the Celtics, you are already thinking about this, but to keep everyone happy you need to keep their production similar to what it was. Yes, the end goal of each season is a championship, but at the same time you have to be selfish to try and make as much money as possible. My guess is Brown starts taking fewer shots just because he already scammed the team in more ways than one, so he won’t mind not scoring as much. I think especially with the addition to Holiday, this team is going to be a mess.

I know their offense is great, but what about their defense? I said this same thing about the Bucks, but I think that the Celtics are in a much worse position. They lost their best rim defender and gained a guard who is an elite defender obviously. However, this same guard couldn’t guard Butler in the playoffs. I know that really no one could, but now the Celtics need someone who is going to be able to guard Bam and that is going to be a tough ask for Kristaps. The dude is really only talented on offense, he is tall, but Bam is going to tear him up. Giannis is going to tear him up. Hell, Vucevic is going to tear him up. The Celtics lost their interior defense for someone to guard the 1 and 2. I know you are going to say that Brown and Tatum can guard, no they cannot. They actually lost in the playoffs every year because they can’t guard. I think that the Celtics will be a good team, don’t get me wrong. But, to say they are heavy favorites in the East after they almost got swept by the Heat and the Bucks got Dame is absurd to me.

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