Who Won NBA Free Agency?

By Dougiefreshtakes
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This is gonna sound absurd, but I think I may be on to something. There are really only two teams in my opinion who have even tried making their rosters better during the offseason. Those two teams would be the Dallas Mavericks and the Indiana Pacers. I know what you are thinking how in the world are those the two teams you have come up with? I am looking at it like this, the Mavs only had two goals this offseason and those would be improve on your defense and lock in Kyrie to a longterm deal. They did both of those almost immediately. They gave Kyrie his well deserved contract to play next to the best player in the world in Luka Doncic and they sign and traded for Grant Williams. I am also going to give them credit for trying to sign Matisse Thybulle, which in my opinion shows they just have their head on straight right now during free agency. This is a big reason I have them going to at least the conference finals and they very well could be my pick to win it all.

But thats enough about the Mavs, lets talk a little bit about the team yall probably scratched your head over. Yes, I put down the Pacers as winners of this seasons free agency. Now do not get me wrong, they took a lot more risks than good solid moves, but ultimately I think it was smart moves for them. You have a guy like Tyrese Haliburton who is really just him. I do not know what else to say about him, did they overpay? Maybe, I mean for one it took me off guard when himself and Lamelo Ball have been in the league for long enough to sign those deals but I think they both deserved them/or show enough upside to make it look like a good deal. The pacers also took a gamble on Bruce Brown. I like Bruce Brown, I think he was a solid addition to their team and the only risk I really see for this is did they overpay? I do not think we will know that until the season is underway. Lastly, I think the fact they just did not move some core guys/young bucks proves they won free agency alone. A team like the Pacers absolutely cannot get rid of talent to try and win now, so that alone was a win for them.

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