I Do Not Understand The Damian Lillard Trade

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Milwaukee Bucks, what in the world were you guys thinking? You traded all your guard depth and good perimeter defenders for Damian Lillard? I did not know that your main problem last year was scoring the ball. I mean you already had a guard that would drop 20 a night if you ever needed him too with Jrue Holiday, but he was playing to win and being selfless for Giannis to get MVPs. I really just do not understand the move here. I mean it will not put you over the hump to beat the Heat or the Celtics. I doubt you will even be able to beat the Sixers next year now. I just do not understand why you would give away good defense for like 12 extra points a night. It just does not add up to me.

I am not sitting here telling you that Damian Lillard is not a piece you would want to trade for like this, but only if it was to the right fit. I just do not see the fit. I frankly think it made the Bucks worse. I know that now Giannis has another deep range and incredibly gifted deep threat, which frankly for a guy like Giannis you need. But, with Jrue you had a slightly less deadeye who could defend extremely well. Dame just does not give me the production that I would need or expect him to give for the Bucks organization. Giannis is giving you 30 a night, a healthy Middleton gives you 20 a night, now you have Dame who you are also expecting to put up 30 a night? Someone is going to have to take a back seat because there simply isn't enough time in the game to let each one of them combine for 80 unless you just say scre the bench. I also get that you won’t be using depth in the playoffs, I feel like I am trying to talk myself into liking this move but I am unsuccessful.

Also is it going to look right for Dame to be in a Bucks jersey? I feel like it won’t work. I saw some of the offers the Heat gave to the Blazers for Dame and I frankly thought it was much better than what they are getting in return right now. I think it is the Blazers organization just being delusional and petty. Now they expect Jrue Holiday to get traded for 2 FRP and a young player? That does not make any sense to me in the slightest. The dude is 33 years old, why would you give up that much for an aging starter. I mean they wanted Bam or Butler in return for Dame in one of them as well, like WHAT? How does that make any sense. I might be biased because I firmly believed that the Heat with Dame win a championship, but I guess we will never see little loyal Dame win a championship unfortunately.

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