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Listen, you guys know I am not a big soccer guy, and if you are already mad I said soccer instead of football, please leave the page and never come back. THIS IS AMERICA WE CALL IT SOCCER. Sorry for getting off topic, but as you all know the GOAT himself Lionel Messi has crossed the little pond to play soccer for Inter Miami. As you can imagine the sports world is in a little bit of a craze right now over it (and rightfully so). I mean he is arguably the best, if not the best, soccer player in the world and he is playing for the MLS. Absolutely wild that this is reality now, but I am not complaining. Might have to get tickets to go see this man play, see one of the best athletes in the world play soccer in my city, WILD.

Messi seems excited to be here and raking in that cash rather than taking the Saudis money like the runner up (Ronaldo). He was just looking for a nice little spot for him and his family and can you blame him? Buddy is making loads of money and gets to spend time with his family much more. All of that and you get to cap off an amazing career. I think the craziest part of this whole thing is that MLS games are going to be sold out for any game this man is playing. How often does that happen? I mean come on I have absolutely no idea that was a legit question do people watch/attend MLS games? Who cares if the GOAT is here and here to stay, my last question is do we think he is going to keep playing for Inter Miami until the next world cup? Messi goes back-to-back in the world cup?

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