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I simply do not understand what FIFA is doing right now. The game overall is going to shit and per usual EA is doing nothing but making it worse. My first question as a complete novice to the sport of soccer, is who in the world is this cover athlete?? I mean you would at least think that they would put Messi on there solely based on the fact he solidified himself as the GOAT (Greatest of all Time for all you noobs out there). BUT NOOOOOO, they had to put this guy named Erling Haaland. Absolutely no disrespect to you Mr. Haaland but I have no clue who you are. Obviously if he is on the cover of FIFA he has to be pretty good, but he is no Messi. I guess putting Haaland on the cover of the game is better than letting Mr Runner Up, aka Ronaldo, on the cover. I guess sometimes we just have to except that we can't always have what we want and look on the brightside of things. HOWEVER, EA IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO FIX YOUR MISTAKE!

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