Shohei Ohtani Trade Talks

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Shohei Ohtani, the GOAT, the hits 30 home runs midway through the year, the ace pitcher, I do not know how else I can describe such an all-around player like this man. This guy is something special and he is rotting away out in the city of Los Angeles. Imagine batting over .300 on the with 35 HR and just about 360 at bats. This man is so good that every time he steps up to the plate there is a 10% chance, he hits a home run and a 30% chance of just getting a hit. That is beyond impressive and those are only his hitting stats. His fielding stats are like damn near flawless and his pitching stats are that of an all-star level pitcher BUT HE PLAYS EVERY GAME.

Enough praising this man for now, lets get down to the brass tacks. Where in the world is this man going? I mean what would be the return on a player of his caliber. In my opinion it would have to be an entire team’s farm system, or at least all of the players that are at least sort of worth something. The Angels need a bright future and teams that are trying to trade for him have a bright now. You are looking at teams like the Yankees, Orioles (I want to talk about this team more in depth soon), Dodgers, Giants, Mets if they do not blow up their team, and the Mariners. Now realistically all these ball clubs would have to give up almost all their depth and I doubt they would do it without a long term deal in place, but maybe all that is worth it for a generational talent like Ohtani?

I am going to end this blog off by telling you that MY SOURCES are telling me that Shohei Ohtani might be going to the Kansas City Royals, you did not hear that from me though, it was my sources.

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