Home Run Derby Disaster

By Dougiefreshtakes
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Look I will be completely honest with you right now, I did not watch the home run derby. Can you even blame me? Ever since they switched it from 10 outs to being timed and just hitting as many as possible the home run derby has just lost all watchability in my own opinion. If the MLB brought back the old way of doing it (which they won't) I think myself and loads of other people would hop right back on the bandwagon. The MLB has essentially ruined one of the most fun events they had for no reason at all. I genuinely dont think there was a reason they changed it. Maybe to hit more home runs? But does that even matter if you do not have a camera on the home run balls? I mean that was one of the most fun parts of watching the derby! I wanna see these guys go yard and tear the cover off the ball with each swing. Used to be so excillerating to watch and now it is just meh. Let me know if I should start a petition for the MLB to change it back on social media.

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